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Common Sense: How Valuable is your family to you?

I remember a generation of American citizens who would stand up to totalitarian control of the populace.  I also know that there is still a huge conservative Christian base of citizens, that if they would get out and cast their votes, things would be much different than they are now.  The federal or state governments cannot regulate or legislate your family’s safety.   We are living in a day when Democratic senators even promote and encourage violence against conservative Americans.  How did we allow this to ever happen?


Is there anyone of us that would not do anything within our powers to protect our family and loved ones?    Do all men and women have the equal ability to defend themselves against a larger, and better equipped attacker, or even worse many attackers with just their hands (government included)?  We of course are thankful to our public servants; police, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrol, state police and federal law enforcement personnel.    But the honest fact is they cannot be everywhere or respond within critical lifesaving minutes to stop a violent attack.  Each and every one of us have the responsibility to care for, and protect our families as well as ourselves. Self-defense is an individual right.


I am not a very good writer. In fact, this is my very first attempt to try and persuade a large audience.  My goal is to write in clear concise sentences the facts about firearms in America and our right to self-defense.  I will show how the right to self-protection and self-defense is logically proven by first explaining the inequalities that exist in men, women and children.  Then I will try to communicate to you the chances of you or your family members experiencing a violent crime during your lifetime.   And, finally I will show you historical facts that prove the necessity of the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” as our constitution gives to each of us.



First of all, I am sure we can all agree that humans are not all created physically equal.   Imagine, if you will a young girl, or an elderly lady who is home alone when one or more persons armed (firearm, stick, axe, knife e.g.) breaks into their home.  Would you say this young girl or elderly lady stand a chance un-armed?   Also, boys and men are not all 6 foot 6 inches tall nor hold black belts in numerous martial arts.   This boy and man are at the same dangerous disadvantage and in the same peril as the first example.  Some people are small, some weak, some very young and many are in poor health. Since there are some of us that are not MMA fighters – The logical answer is for anyone who feels the need to protect his or herself should not be denied their second amendment rights to do so.  If one is disarmed, he or she is at the mercy of those in power.


Now, to make you aware of your probability of experiencing a violent crime, let’s begin with a few 2017 statistics from the FBI, to help prove our opinion.      In 2017 the FBI Uniform Crime Report states the following:

  • U.S. Census Bureau population estimate in 2017 = 325,700,000 approximately.
  • FBI in 2017 received reports on 1,247,321 violent crimes. This is one (1) violent crime per every 262 people in the U.S.
  • FBI in 2017 received reports of 135,755 rapes.
  • FBI in 2017 received reports of 17,284 murders.
  • FBI in 2017 received reports of 98 robberies per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Who knows the true numbers of victims of human trafficking?
  • Child abuse victims?
  • Domestic abuse victims?


If these FBI statistics are correct, and these crimes happened, then please think, the police didn’t get there in time to stop it did they?   It is your individual right to stop any of these crimes from happening to you or your loved ones.  As anyone can see, the chances of you or your family members experiencing an attack is very high, a 1 in 262 chance! The National Domestic Violence Fact Sheet say that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of physical violence.  Without the second amendment criminals or abusers would have all the power over us to take and do as they please.

Now, can you imagine the terror if you experienced a violent home invasion without anything to defend yourself?   Would the attackers give you a minute to call #911?  Even if you did get 9-1-1 dialed, will they arrive in time to save you from being hurt, traumatized, raped or even murdered?   The sad answer is “NO”.  Politicians play with your rights, they currently have absolute power to do so.   Hopefully you are not one of the many citizens in the United States who thinks that if a politician says “we need gun control”, that you just blindly believe his or her statement.  This type of political statement is a fallacy of power.  The fallacy of power statement disregards and diminishes the importance of your life.  The U.S. Justice Department states that out of 3.7 million violent burglaries, the offenders knew their victims 65% of the time.  Remember a 1 in 262 chance!


We should all learn from history.  We all know the dangers of relinquishing all power to the state and the disarming of citizens.  Nazi Germany is probably the most well-known case, where millions of un-armed, helpless citizens that were considered “enemies of the state” were exterminated.   Tyranny is just as alive and well today as it was at any time in history.  The United States government thinks we are stupid, deplorable and expendable. If they trusted its citizens – then the gun control debate would be dead.   In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control and within the next 30 years 20 million dissidents were executed or purged.  In 1911 Turkey also implemented gun control, and in two years over 1.5 million Armenians were then killed.   Uganda in 1970 killed 300,000 Christians after establishing gun control.   The list from history would go on and on, and include Guatemala, Cambodia, and China.  People with absolute power have not changed one bit.


In conclusion, you can see the facts; we are not all physically equal, the chances of someone violently attacking you is incredibly high, and also, we have the sad truths from history.   Our current public education system is not teaching our children civility, to know how to conduct themselves or teaching rhetoric so that they can perceive lies and fallacies.  It is my responsibility to ensure that my family is safe, and it is your responsibility to do the same for yours.   It may not be your choice to protect your family – but its my choice to protect mine, not yours.   If a person condones gun control then they are an accessory to any physical crime perpetrated on a victim.  If a politician has been in office over 8 years, then vote him or her out.  Our 44th president divided America….in the next four years let us as citizens hold our elected officials responsible!  And remember that the media, Hollywood, and politicians all make money off of crime.

Stand up for your rights!  Get out and vote – it does matter.

~ M.G. Hill



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