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Who truly benefits

Cui bono, who actually benefits by implementing more gun laws? The politicians and media benefit – not you or I.

The government and those in power in Washington D.C. benefit by having complete control over every aspect of your life. You and your family are defenseless. The politicians benefit because now you are defenseless and at their mercy. Now they can mandate and tax you to their hearts desire. Politicians now have complete control of your life, your healthcare and your death. The media also benefits, by having more honest citizens of America robbed, assaulted, raped and murdered – it gives them more stories to sell. Cui bono?

If an idividual commits any crime, should the entire population of America be blamed and punished? Or should the individual be held accountable? Cui bono?

If an individual chooses to be gay or lesbian, should everyone have to be sheep and turn gay? Cui bono?

When Japan bombed pearl harbor, December 7th 1941, how did America react? Did we just hand over our country or did we fight? If we, citizens had been defenseless at that time – Japan would have invaded the United States. Its okay for the government and politicians to have firearms…. Isnt it? Cui bono?

Cui bono? Who speaks and spreads division, hate, disrespect and sin? Politicians do! The media does!

Government hasnt went into every Chicago or Baltimore neighborhood and confiscated the ”criminals” firearms? But you as an honest, law abiding citizen – its easy for them to take them away from you. Cui bono?

Government has not knocked on the drug cartels doors and demanded they turn in their gun? Cui bon? Who benefits?

Politicians do NOT respect you or your families individual rights. They could care less, it makes them money to not care.

Honest hardworking, and law abiding citizens need to stand, you need to make your voices heard. Think about who benefits – not you for sure! Cui bono ?

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