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Take a stand for your rights

August 31st,2019 Saturday

Take a stand today!

We the people of The United States of America, should be terrified of the current radicalism in our governments house and senate.

I remember a day, when each individual was held accountable for his or her individual actions. But our genius’ in government now believe that if an individual commits a crime that all individuals must be punished and controlled.

So using the government’s own logic, lets look at Charles Manson for example. Charles Manson, who was convicted of his crimes and sentenced to life in prison. Our government leaders of today would want to imprison all people named ”Charles”. Their insane reasoning, is that if we remove all Charles’ from society it will be safer. Does that make sense to anyone?

Texting and driving kills innocent people – do we ban cell phones?

Drunk driving kills – ban all driving?

Do we imprison all people named Charles?

99.999999+ % of gun owners and AR type rifles, never injure a single person, but are being treated as if we and the guns are ALL guilty.

Government has not confiscated all the illegal drugs in the U.S. have they? Governement has not rid every city of gangs have they? They want to take your rights away because honest, law abiding citizens are easy to control and force to comply.

With increased crime, increased hatred, increased division seeds that our governement sows serves only to make them stronger – and richer – and unopposed.

Please write or call your elected officials – if we ALL lose our Second Amendment rights – WE WILL NEVER GET THEM BACK! After this right is taken away … All other rights will be removed as well.

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