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Our individual freedom is under attack

Why are we so silent?

In only three days, it will be 9-11-2019. Eighteen years since the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, and the pentagon. How soon we forget this tragic day. How soon we fall back into complacency. How soon we are forgetting.

Since the cowardly attack, 18 years ago, an America that was once united – is now severely divided. We, the silent majority, have allowed politicians to take root into Congress and take root into the senate that has produced a cancer to our liberties.

These same politicians, in both houses of the legislative government, are allowed by us, the silent majority, to smear and desicrate our Constitution. And without term limits these politicians are very secure, and could care less about average, honest, tax paying citizens. The fake media bombards us 24/7 with their evil ideology.

Now, 18 years after the terror attacks, the know it all, the knows whats best for us politicians want to force the American people to disarm by implementing gun control, by seizing certains weapons, creating a national firearms registry and eventually eliminating the second amendment. If gun control happens it will be the greatest crime, and the greatest act ot terrorism in world history.

Why are we so silent about this? Why are we allowing this? Why do they want us defenseless?

In Hong Kong, right this minute, unarmed protesters are being beaten and jailed and probably executed for wanting their freedoms, their lives and their liberty.

So i ask, again, why do we allow a group of snobbish, rich, corrupt, and arrogant elites to decide what is best for us?

Why are we complacent? Why are we being sheep led to the slaughter?

Call your representatives, call your senators, write them all. Because when we lose our right to keep and bear arms, we will officially be the weakest generation of Americans in history. And all other rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will all be gone forever.

Mike Hill

8 Sept 2019

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